Reduce Electricity Bills
Enviro Friendly
Supporting Local!
Includes installation, maintenance, repair as well as energy consulting and project management.
Solar + Battery
Allows homeowners to store excess energy and use it during peak hours or when the sun isn’t shining.
Solar + Battery + EV charger
Enables homeowners to generate, store and use renewable energy to power their homes .

Shine a Light on Savings: How to Cut Costs with Solar Energy

From saving money on energy bills and protecting the environment to potentially increasing property value – solar power can help you reap a host of rewards.

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of U.S. electricity is powered by solar
increase in solar expected between 2023 and 2027
lower than cost of solar 10 years ago

Why Solar?

  • Cost Savings: reduce or even remove costly electric bills and avoid rising energy costs
  • Increased Home Value: Boat resale value – homes with solar sell more than those without 
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: Invest in solar to reduce your impact on the planet and help create a healthier world
  • Earn Tax Credits and Rebates: Regardless of where you live, it’s likely you have some amazing solar incentives in place

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